Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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Officers' Lies Exposed
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Profiled on a NWA Flight Attacked and Then Framed By Those Same Police Who Would Later Perjur themselves on stand. Here One of them is caught blatently lying! :
(Recently: a black pastor was profiled by MN police and a black man killed by MN police in a brutal attack. In fact, overall, MN Police have been notorious in the news of late,racial profiling and perjury on stand being no exceptions to the rule. )

The police have lied and perjured in my case falsely framing us to avoid repercussion for their hyenus actions: When I was tasered and attacked by the 5 officers, two of them collided with each other (by one of the officer's own admission-in private) Through this mutual officer on officer collision while committing an illegal assault and attack, one of the officer's heads sustained a contusion, which they blamed me with, falsely reporting that the officer had been standing near me and that I had head butted him! Preposterous!: The officer was nowhere near me but in fact 3 officers distant from me in the narrow confines of the isle of an aircraft and not accessible. Hence the advent of the "officer shell game lies"The Shell Game Deception: As such, ***the officers submitted false reports in which they not only falsified about facts but also about their positions on board the aircraft, shuffling themselves around on paper to facilitate a scenario in which the injured officer was falsely placed as standing directly in front of him where the supposed interaction between he and I took place. Yet to be a good liar, one must also be a good historian: here officer Alvin Cooper is caught getting confused as to where he was to report himself standing on the aircraft and has himself-inadvertently - reported in both his fictitious position and his real position!!! He appears to be in two places at once! The officers lies and shell game deception has been made transparent.
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